Polokong  Elderly Care Project aims to make a difference to the disadvantaged old people in Maun. The objective is to make them feel special and live the remainder of their years in dignity. This we plan to do by making sure the dear souls are properly fed, clothed, safely housed, treasured and loved.

Method / approach

The Polokong project will endeavour to bring in gifts, donations and funds in order to support the elderly and to run the daily activities of the project, such as the provision of foodstuffs, amenities, and salaries for the grassroots care and foster programs. The project will recruit loving, underprivileged women to take care of these lonely souls, whilst in the process, earning an allowance. In a yearly newsletter people will be informed about the elderly, the various activities and the financial status of the project. To save costs, communication will be via email as much as possible.


The project is a community service arm of Aglow International Botswana, which has been registered as a society, with the Registrar of Societies, since 1996.


Presently there are two fieldworkers who undertake the assessments and caretaking; of these there are one caretaker and one coordinator. They are under the supervision of the board management.